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PowerDetails has processed more than 600,000 Extra-Duty jobs & Special Events


Our Mission is to help law enforcement agencies simplify their management of extra-duty details and special events using software that is efficient, accurate, and fair.

PowerDetails helps law enforcement agencies reduce the amount of time spent coordinating special events and extra-duty jobs from hours to mere minutes.

No more bid days, group texts, or messy email chains. And absolutely no more pencil and paper.

PowerDetails streamlines all communications between your agency, your officers, and the vendors that employ them directly within our mobile-friendly app.


City of Kissimmee, Florida — Police Department

Watch how the City of Kissimmee Police Department optimized their scheduling, billing, & reporting processes.


Preview jobs in Calendar View

Easily track Accounts Receivable


PowerDetails is packed-full of amazing features that your agency can’t live without!



Our story begins in 2006

In an effort to better understand and serve the various needs of law enforcement agencies, we studied the internal processes used to coordinate extra-duty jobs and overtime.

We quickly learned that no two agencies operate alike, but, more importantly, all methods suffered from some sort of bias, inaccuracy, or lag in communication.

With the goals of efficiency and simplicity in mind, PowerDetails was born.

The PowerDetails platform was designed to be 100% configurable. This means every PowerDetails site is built with specific features based on each agency's unique rules and policies.

We have been used to successfully coordinate more than 615,000 jobs and counting. With our scheduling and billing features, we make it easier than ever to book, distribute, and invoice jobs all in one place. 

Our team has a passion for delivering great software to our customers.


When your customers are responsible for the safety and security of the community, it's important that they have the best service available. 


Since 2006, PowerDetails has…

Scheduled more than 615,000 jobs


Processed more than $450 million in extra-duty & special events


Recorded more than 16 million hours

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