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Officers, Coordinators, & Command Staff — PowerDetails benefits everyone in your agency.


PowerDetails has helped process 16 million hours of Extra-Duty, Overtime, & Special Events — since 2006.

How much time do you spend managing your Extra-Duty jobs?

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City of Kissimmee, Florida — Police Department

Watch how the City of Kissimmee Police Department optimized their scheduling, billing, & reporting processes.

From Deputy to Chief

PowerDetails streamlines the management of Extra-Duty Details — with ease!



Applying to jobs has never been more accessible, easy, & fair



Automated scheduling has cut coordination time by 50%


Command Staff

Automatic policy enforcement & reporting has protected against liability risks


Whether an officer works nights, or simply has the day off, PowerDetails eliminates the fear of missing out on extra-duty opportunities.

Officers can take comfort in knowing job sign-ups are available to them 24/7 directly through the PowerDetails mobile app and website.


It’s never been easier for law enforcement officers to access and apply to available jobs.

  • Apply to jobs online from any phone, tablet, or computer
  • Receive job notifications instantly
  • Report hours remotely to get paid faster



PowerDetails eliminates the frustration of extra-duty coordinators by allowing them to automate the scheduling of future jobs.

By cutting coordination time in half, coordinators are free from unnecessary stress and able to focus on more critical tasks.


No more spreadsheets and whiteboards. Coordinate jobs from start to finish without any lag in communication.

  • Post and assign new jobs quickly and easily
  • Reduce the number of phone calls, emails, and text messages
  • Automate all billing and invoicing directly from the app


Command Staff

When accuracy matters most, PowerDetails eliminates doubt by giving command staff full confidence in their reporting.

The system is a great tool for identifying officers that are working too many jobs and ensures that the agency's policies are being effectively enforced at all times.

Captains and Chiefs around the country are sleeping much better with the knowledge that they’re protected from liability.


Rest assured that your officers are not putting themselves, the agency, or the community at risk by working too many extra-duty hours.

  • Enforce Extra-Duty and Overtime policies to protect against officer fatigue
  • Create fair and equitable job distribution
  • Reduce the risk of liability for the agency

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How does PowerDetails work?

1. Agency receives a job request

Employers can either request a job directly through the agency or they may be given their own PowerDetails login to request jobs.

2. Job is posted & advertised to all eligible officers

Once details are confirmed, jobs are shared with all officers who meet the necessary requirements to apply.

3. Officers apply and are subject to the agency's rules & policy

When setting up your PowerDetails site, any rules pertaining to your extra-duty or overtime policy can be integrated directly into the system and automatically enforced. If an officer is too close to their weekly limit (or otherwise deemed ineligible), they will not be able to sign up.

4. Job is worked and details are logged in the system

PowerDetails gives officers the freedom to record their hours on-site as soon as a job is complete. Any notes about the job can be made directly in the PowerDetails mobile-friendly app for improved accuracy and reporting.

5. Invoice is sent and payment is collected

Upon completion of the job, PowerDetails will automatically generate an invoice for your employers with the appropriate rates and fees.

Are you ready to make life easier with PowerDetails?


Less time needed to Coordinate & Schedule.


“On average we work 500-600 events every year. With PowerDetails, my time spent coordinating and scheduling has been cut in half.”

— Captain Thuan Ly, George Mason University

PowerDetails Features — at a glance

Hassle-free Coordination
Establish Rules & Enforce Policy
Post Reoccurring Jobs with One-Click
Mobile Notifications
Accurate Reports & Billing
Identify & Address Officer Misconduct
Create & assign jobs in minutes
Preview Jobs in Calendar View
Automate Invoices for Faster Billing

PowerDetails is packed-full of amazing features that your agency can’t live without!

When does overtime become overworked?


The average law enforcement officer can work as many as 500 hours of overtime duty in a year.



of an officer’s annual income comes from extra-duty details & overtime.


Extra-duty details and overtime can account for up to 20% of an officer’s annual income, which creates significant incentive for them to work as many overtime jobs as possible. 

With major events happening daily, there is a constant need for added security in your community. This can leave officers feeling fatigued — and that puts everyone at risk.

PowerDetails understands that managing Overtime and Special Events is no easy task, so we've developed a platform that is 100% configurable to your agency’s needs.

Enjoy the convenience of scheduling, billing, and reporting all in one place.

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Trust is important.

We are focused on ensuring that your agency has complete confidence in the software solutions that PowerDetails provides.


jobs coordinated, scheduled, & billed every month. Trust is important.


For over 12 years, PowerDetails and its first-class customer service have been delivering overtime software solutions to law enforcement agencies across the country.

Coordinating over 50,000 overtime jobs every month, all while releasing consistent software updates in response to our valuable customer feedback.


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