Coordinate Extra-Duty Details in ½ the time

Save Time. Save Money. Enforce Policy.


PowerDetails allowed us to fairly manage 683 Special Events in a year, including a total of 26,339 hours.


Chief of Staff Davis Strange
Vanderbilt University
Police Department

Efficiency is our top priority


Are you ready to put an end to misunderstandings between staff, reduce workload for administrators, & encourage more personnel to work extra-duty jobs?


Streamline Communication

Cut coordination time in half with automated job scheduling, billing, & invoicing


Establish & Enforce Policies

Speeds up job distribution by eliminating questions about fairness with the PowerDetails “Rules Engine”


Accurate Reports & Billing

Focus on more critical tasks by never tracking hours & fees in a spreadsheet again

Streamline Communication

PowerDetails notifies officers via email or text message when:

  • New jobs become available
  • An officer is approved for a job
  • A job has been canceled
  • Job details are updated

This greatly reduces the number of phone calls and emails that coordinators need to make — saving the agency both time and money.



Establish Rules & Enforce Policy

The PowerDetails platform utilizes a configurable Rules Engine that:

  • Dictates who is eligible for certain jobs and who is not
  • Makes job distribution fair among officers
  • Protects officers from working too many hours
  • Protects the agency from liability risks

The rules engine can automatically enforce hour and job limits directly within the platform — without burdening the extra-duty coordinator.



Accurate Reports & Billing

PowerDetails is capable of handling the billing process from start to finish by tracking multiple pay rates based on:

  • Job-type
  • Employer
  • Officer's proficiences

The system also accurately records:

  • Number of hours worked
  • Administrative fees
  • Equipment and vehicle usage fees

When a job is completed, PowerDetails automatically generates a PDF invoice to speed up the payment process.


There's no better way to coordinate off-duty jobs than PowerDetails. Without it, it would be a full-time job for someone in our agency."


Lieutenant Hayes
Santa Rosa County
Sheriff’s Office

See how PowerDetails helps improve Extra-Duty manangment

Enjoy a seamless experience between the Agency, its Officers, and the Employers that trust them.

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Create & assign jobs in minutes

PowerDetails provides overtime and extra-duty coordinators with the ability to post and fill new job requests in a matter of moments.

No more sign up sheets and bid days! Officers can be notified via text message and sign up from anywhere using the PowerDetails mobile app.


Hassle-free coordination

PowerDetails provides law enforcement agencies with the tools they need to efficiently organize, regulate, and communicate overtime and secondary employment details.

Never get stuck cross-referencing emails and texts again!


Mobile notifications

The PowerDetails mobile app sends instant notifications and updates.

Keeping your officers current with the latest information & access to all available jobs.


Preview jobs in Calendar View

Need a complete overview of this month’s jobs?

Calendar view puts it all in perspective, allowing officers to sign up for available details and coordinators to make sure upcoming jobs are consistently filled.


Day View

Week View

Grid View


Post reoccurring jobs with a click of a button

Are there certain extra-duty jobs and special events that reoccur every month? What about every week?

With PowerDetails, you can simply set and forget. The platform will automatically generate reoccurring jobs, so you don’t have to!


Identify & address officer misconduct

Preventing officers from working too many hours in a single week, is a core function of PowerDetails.

While the goal is to protect the officer and the agency against liability risks, the platform will also identify officer misconduct.


Whether it’s a case of one officer hogging all the good jobs or an officer guilty of multiple no-shows, PowerDetails empowers your administrators with easy-to-use tools to identify and address problems when they occur.


Automate invoices for faster billing

PowerDetails will automatically generate invoices with your employer’s information and the appropriate costs/fees, once the officer has logged his hours and the job has been marked complete.

No need to wait for the officer to return to the station, your agency is able to send invoices immediately to speed up the payment process!


Invoice Search

Invoice Sample



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"Automated billing processes have cut the workload in half for 3 members of our team"


Former Chief of Police
Tom Lewis

Punta Gorda
Police Department


"Before PowerDetails, scheduling overtime was a three step process that required us to use Word, Excel, and Outlook to coordinate. Now we can do everything all in one place."


Ivonne Duran
Administrative Assistant

Round Rock
Police Department

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